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Watermelon, fresh off the vine!

One of my favorite summer pastimes is eating sweet, juicy watermelon. My grandpa grows them in his garden every year and as a treat, snack or meal, we’d enjoy a huge wheel of watermelon! It’s the perfect solution for a hot, sunny day or for any day in my opinion. You can never go wrong with watermelon. Being a watermelon fanatic, I really liked an analogy I once heard. The Book of Mormon was compared to a watermelon. I know right? kind of random but let me explain.

I hand you a heavy, beautifully green watermelon. It’s whole. Untouched. Yours for the taking. It offers such pleasure and satisfaction. I tell you of the juicy, red contents. The way it crisps, filling your mouth with the most delicious liquid (my mouth may or may not be watering while I type this…). My description entices you beyond all measure; however, the only way you can confirm my word is to crack it open! See for yourself.

So it is with the Book of Mormon. As missionaries, we continually tell of the truthfulness of this book and how much it can change lives for the better. Like the watermelon, the Book of Mormon is yours for the taking, offering pleasure and satisfaction but on a deeper level. Throught this book, you can have lasting happiness a long with true joy, peace, guidance, direction, and strength. It sounds great right? But you’ll never know for sure of this claim unless… you crack it open! We strongly encourage people to do so along with having a real intent and desire to learn for themselves of the message it holds. We invite others to ask God if it’s NOT true and that they will receive their answer through the Holy Ghost. IT’S A PROMISE! I know the promise is real because I have read for myself of the Book of Mormon. I have asked God if it’s true and my answer was a resounding YES! As great as watermelon tastes, the Book of Mormon is even better, on a spiritual level! As President Boyd K. Packer once put it, “The Book of Mormon has the nourishing power to heal the starving spirit.” So go ahead and find out for yourself. All you have to do is… crack it open.

Test Drive? Sample? Preview?

What do test driving a corvette, Costco food samples and the Holy Ghost have in common? They are all a preview of what could be yours if you take the required steps to obtain them. Behind the wheel of a ZR1 corvette, feeling the way the engine accelerates and how the gears shift gives you an idea of whether or not the car lives up to your expectations. Samples while shopping at Costco, provides a taste of the foods you’d like to purchase. The Holy Ghost is a foretaste of eternal life.

My favorite thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ is the Holy Ghost. He testifies of truth, warns of physical or spiritual danger, brings things to our remembrance, etc. It is through the spirit that we receive any blessing from the Father. When we pray for answers, our revelation comes by the Holy Ghost. If we ask for strength, comfort or peace, we feel that aid with the presence of that divine personage of spirit. Without Him, we would be left to our own understanding and own strength to make it through this life.

Being a member of the Godhead, the Spirit is the next best thing to having the Savior by your side throughout your life. Now there are two different ways the Holy Ghost works. The power of the Holy Ghost is how we receive a testimony of Christ. He comes into our minds and hearts to bear witness of gospel truths such as Joseph Smith being called as a prophet or the Book of Mormon being the word of God. The GIFT of the Holy Ghost, however, follows baptism by the proper priesthood authority that allows you to have the Spirit as your constant companion as long as you’re worthy.

Sometimes when the Spirit is extra strong, I feel so happy I could burst, like I could explode with happiness. One member I met who lives in Billings explained the Spirit’s impact well. She said, “It feels too good to be true…but it’s not because it’s so real!” His presence is undeniable to one who is humble and listening. You can think of it like a pep talk from the Spirit. He testifies that what you are doing is right, worth it, and that there is more where that came from. With the Holy Ghost, we are able to endure all things. Remember during the hard times, when feeling at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on! God will hear your prayers and send His Comforter to build you up enough to carry on. There were times in my youth where I’d think, I’m done. I’m not praying or reading anymore. As soon as I finished that thought, a reoccurring statement would rebuttal that threat: No I won’t do that because I KNOW that won’t make me happy.

There is such happiness from living the Gospel. Feeling that ’bout to burst happiness,’ gives me understanding and conviction that no worldly pleasure is worth sacrificing salvation. If we are faithful, we can receive eternal life where we experience never-ending happiness. Ya just can’t beat that!